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Review: White Tea Matcha!

Hello hello!

As we all know, matcha is a Japanese green tea that's ground into a powder. However, what many of us do not know is that many tea companies from all over the world have been milling their own teas into unique powders. While there's a debate going on whether other tea-powders can still be called matcha, Kiani Tea sent me a package of their White-Tea matcha!

This unique tea started out as a Fuijan white tea, and, still is? Just, matcha-powder form!

So how is this unique treat? Let's find out!

Price: $6.50 per 5g sample

Infusions: 1

Infusion 1:

Like a typical Japanese matcha tea ceremony, I sifted this matcha into a bowl to break up any clumps. I then added a tiny bit of water and whisked it in to make, well, whatever the white-tea version of koicha is. After trying to make the initial paste, I tasted the white-tea koicha and got the sticky notes of a bitter ’Body of Christ' communion wafer. After having to wash my hands from the stickiness, I added more water to the paste and whisked it like I would any other matcha powder.

When sipping this tea, my taste buds were re-reminded of catholicism again but with less of a bitter punch. After adding more water to help with the bitterness, the majority of this tea's physical matter sank to the bottom of the bowl... This became evident when I took my last sip of the bowl when I got a mouth full of Pepto Bismol-like texture of a woodsy-tasting Jesus-cookie tea.

That is also when I also noticed that my fingers were stained a darker shade of beige from when I tried the koicha from earlier...

The session was over.


First off, I want to preface everything by saying that Kiani Tea is a wonderful tea company and I have always been a fan of theirs.

This specifically, is a poignant tea that is definitely worth having as a learning experience and worth trying as a novelty. While I might not have initially clicked with this specific tea, Kiani does carry other incredible teas that are quite enjoyable. However, I do appreciate Kiani Tea for continuing to try new things and will continue to try anything new and unique they may release.

As for my opinion on if this should properly be called a 'matcha' or not? I can most certainly say with confidence that my personal opinion of whether this would be called a 'matcha tea' or not is

~ The Oolong Drunk

"Blissfully Tea Drunk"

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11 de abr. de 2022

I loved this review, I didn’t know anything about White Matcha Tea and you made it easy for me to understand. Thank you so much Cody.

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