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Music Monday! We'll All Be The.... Week of 03/08/2021

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For today's tea and music pairing, we're celebrating International Women's Day by celebrating Japanese-American Indie-Rock legend -- Mitski. Mitski has always dominated the underground music scene, and despite reaching popularity, still managed to be whatever she wanted to be -- a bad-ass legend in music. In last week's 'Music Monday', we explored modernized-Disco by Jessie Ware. So, we're taking a sharp left-turn by going down the avenue of Indie/Alternative Rock.

Put on your headphones, grab one of the recommended teas below, and let yourself be overcome by Mitski's poetic soundscape with one of the best, and highest-rated, albums of 2018.

Today, we'll ALL be the cowboy...

(Image: Property of Dead Oceans)

Album: Be The Cowboy

Artist: Mitski

Year: 2018

Primary Tea Pairing: GuShu Sheng Puer

Secondary Tea Pairings: Black Tea or Taiwanese Oolong Tea

In Mitski's 5th studio album, she struck a chord with virtually everybody who listened to it -- regardless of personal musical genera taste. Mitski explores themes of being shaky, yet organized while exploring dark themes of loss, anxiety, and chaos. However, she does this with a low-fi and mellow sound, which only helps drive home the album's theme. The low-fi aesthetic, accompanied by the horns and key-board organ synth, places you in the middle of a 1980's Japanese shopping mall. It's quirky, serious, dreamy, raw, sobering, nostalgic, and emotional.

While this album has a pleasing theme, its lyrics hit home. Mitski is able to convey a wide array of feelings and contradictory emotions, which reminds us that life in itself is confusing. Despite how confusing and dizzying our emotions can be, Mitski reminds us that there is calm in the chaos, as she comforts our anxieties by validating them by telling us that our vulnerability can be larger than life -- which is why this album is a perfect pairing for tea-time.

However, as of today, Mitski's retired indefinitely -- leaving us with this masterpiece to echo into the further reaches of our hearts With your next tea session, I strongly recommend listening to his iconic album and absorb and be at peace with whatever you're going through. And remember, whenever we feel little, our impact is still large...

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