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Music Monday! Let's Rise this Sinking Ship... Week of 3/29/21

Hello hello!

Last week, we visited the revitalized modernization of the 80's with M83's Junk! While continuing on the momentum of retro nostalgia, this week we'll continue to take a blast from the modernized-nostalgic past with another aesthetic-pleasing album that captures the air and stillness of 1970's psychedelic vocal pop-rock, while putting a renovated twist to the general. This week we'll be pairing tea time with Weyes Blood's fourth studio triumph, Titanic Rising.

With this tea and album pairing, I highly recommend listening to this album with your eyes closed, wrapped in a warm blanket, and without skipping any tracks. I also recommend listening to this album with a good set of headphones and letting it take you to a meditative high.


(Photo credit: Property of Sub Pop Records)

Album: Titanic Rising

Artist: Weyes Blood

Year: 2019

Primary Tea Pairing: Gu-Shu Sheng Puer

Secondary Tea Pairings: Rock Oolong or Black Tea

Weyes Blood's 4th studio albums immediately opens up to the dreamscape of the early 1970s with a incapsulating classical-instrument arrangement -- only to halt in it's tracks and two you into the dreamy echo-chamber of her haunting vocals; vocals that sound like the love-child of Anne Murray and Janice Ian what are backed by a production that instantly make you feel like you're tripping on organic California-grown mushrooms.

The album continues with it's purple-haze and pink-champaign aesthetic by halting the album halfway through to throw you into a cinematic-electronic elevated trip -- turning the rest of the album on its side. This moment, right here, the Titanic was rising from the water-grave to a tie-dye sky. The last half of this album takes you down this experimental nostalgic turn -- making you feel like God enshrined in vulnerability that just took a sheet of stardust underneath the tongue. The album's mid-way turn is not only jaw-dropping, it's a godly masterpiece.

This album is perfect for tea time because Weyes Blood's take on this album lined-up perfectly with the opening of tea-leaves, and undoubtedly matched to the timing of a solo session. This album not only helped me ascent into the gates of a floating foggy cemetery, it made me rise above everything that I had left behind on the tea table. When you pair this piece of art with your next tea session, you'll also see why this experimental album is pure perfection for tea and meditation....

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-- The Oolong Drunk

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