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A Very 'Blissfully Tea Drunk' Patreon!

Hello hello!

Today, I announce my new series on Patreon!

Due to covid, I’ve been unable to fulfill the promises I've made to appear at speaking engagements, along with teaching you about tea in-person. However, since tea-education is one of my absolute favorite aspects of meeting all of you in person, I've decided to continue to do so through Patreon! With this Patreon, I’ve decided to start my very-own tea-education series with my ‘tell it how it is’ attitude. I will continue to educate and reach a broad-spectrum of tea, and various tea-related topics!

Below is the link to sign up for my Patreon!

However, despite launching my official Patreon, my regularly-scheduled posts on the blog will not be affected whatsoever. Nothing on the website will change!

Hope to see you there!

~Blissfully Tea Drunk



The Oolong Drunk Affiliate 

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