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2012 Fu Ding Shou Me White Tea from Path of Cha

Hello hello!

I’m back! I apologize for the delay in updating this blog Life has been hectic and it got to a point where drinking tea wasn’t an option. This was largely due to the fact that I moved across several states. Now that I’ve been settled, now seems like a more than perfect time to dive into some Fu Ding Shou Mei White Tea from Path of Cha! This tea has been aged since 2012, and yet eight years later, here we are. Does an aged white tea really taste as good as aged puer? Let's find out!

Dimensions — 4.7g for a 70ml Shibo

Water Temp — Boil

Number of Steeps— 14

Steeps 1 — 6

Usually, with aged teas, some people recommend doing a rinse of the leaves to rid of dirt or dust. However, I dove right in! Upon the first infusion, there was a faint sweetness along with a light amber color. After a few more infusions, this tea opened up to a woodsy note that left a sweet-like finish on the back of the tongue. At the fifth infusion, the tasting notes of a rum-barrel came through along with a brown sugar-like sweetness. Despite the sweetness, the sixth infusion brought a strong punch that almost left a bitter impression on the sides of the tongue.

Steeps 7 — 14

This tea was in full swing as the infusions kept making this tea stronger and stronger. To help balance out the strength, I repeated an infusion. Even at that, the powerful punch this white tea possessed was enough to surprise me. Around the tenth infusion, this aged white tea started to let up as the brown sugar notes because more and more noticeable. However, despite this teas earlier strength, the tea session was ready to come to an end at the fourteenth infusion…


2012 Fu Ding Shou Mei White Tea is a tea that came from Path of Cha. This tea started out light, and after a few infusions, became stronger and stronger. One thing I liked about this tea was the fact that it was very clean and crisp. Another aspect I liked about this tea was it’s the ability to last more than ten infusions. Along with the lasting infusions, this aged white tea had a unique sweetness that was very pleasing to the tongue. However, Path of Cha no longer carries this tea as of now.

Despite being gone for around six months, I’m more than happy to be back. I’m glad to be back and re-pick up this journey with an aged white tea, especially from Path of Cha. For now, I’ll be sitting on the porch and taking tea photos in the cold, and remind myself that at the end of the day, aged white tea is just as good as an aged puer…


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