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Discrete by Kuura

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Kuura is an Australian-based tea company that sources sheng, shou, white, and black tea. Kuura has become one of my new favorite tea companies for several reasons. To start, they stay out of reddit drama. Second, they don't need to make glossy claims about their tea to sell to their customers. Third, unlike other companies, they’re not racist against Native Americans… Anyways, in a recent review, I talked about one of their sheng puer titled: ’Vector’. However, in this review I will be talking about their shou puer titled ‘Discrete’. So whats so special about this shou puer? And considering that it’s their very first shou, how does it hold up? Lets find out!

Water Temperature - Boil

Demensions - 4.5g of tea for a 65ml gaiwan

Beeng Price - $22.50 for a 200g beeng

Number of Steeps - 12

Steeps 1 - 6

First, Discrete started off light in taste, and also left a light sweet earthy aftertaste on the tongue. After a few more steeps, this tea began to open up as its texture quickly turned from watery, to velvety smooth as a cocoa sweetness emerged on the sides of the tongue. By the fifth infusion, the sweetness took a back seat as a black-pepper spice took center stage of this tea’s palate. By the sixth infusion, this tea was in full swing as a mouthful of flavor hit me in the face.

Steeps 7 - 12

Discrete kept going full force as a mouthful of earth and spice kept making its presence in my mouth. As the steeps went on, the smoothness of this tea seemed to keep increasing. However, by the ninth infusion, this tea began to settle down and lighten in color. By the eleventh infusion, the only tasting note left was a light amber sweetness, and by the twelfth infusion, the tea was gone and ready to be put away…

Conclusion -

Discrete is a beeng of 2016 shou material, which was pressed in 2017 and sold by Australian-based tea company Kuura. First, one thing I liked about Discrete was how rich and flavorful it was. Another thing I liked about Discrete was it had a lot of backbone and tasted great, even if overstepped. However, despite that this sample was a gift given to me by Kuura, I do regret not ordering a beeng of this tea already. You see, one of the highlights about this tea is its price point. Considering this teas depth and complexity, it makes this beeng’s price point is a steal.

Overall, Discrete is an easy shou puer to drink and I’d recommend this tea to anyone who is a fan of puer. I’d also recommend this tea to anyone who is new to puer, because not only is this tea full of flavor, its easy to brew and isn’t very picky. So next time you visit Kuura’s site and want to spend your tax return money, consider adding a beeng of Discrete to your shopping cart...

Would I Beeng This Tea? - Yes


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