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2017 Snoozefest by White2Tea

Hello hello!

White2Tea released several fall teas for their Black Friday sale. One of these releases included a 2017 sheng puer titled Snoozefest. Only 100 of these beengs were made, and White2Tea listed it for only $15.00 (originally worth $40.00). After its midnight release, it sold out in record time because after an hour and a half, Snoozefest was gone. Three weeks later, mine arrived in the mail. So what’s so special about this tea, and was it really worth all of the hype? Lets find out!

Water Temperature - 185ºf

Dimensions - 4.5g of tea for a 65ml gaiwan

Number of Steeps - 12

Steeps 1 - 4

Snoozefest opened up to a grass-like body and left an oily aftertaste in the throat. After opening up for another few steeps, Snoozefest’s body became a little thicker as a light stevia aftertaste lingered in the sides of the cheek. By the forth steep, this tea was already thickening and becoming stronger and stronger.

Steeps 5 - 8

Snoozefest continued to open up to a vegetal and grass-like body, and the longer the steeps, the more savory and mouthwatering these tasting notes became. The notes of this tea kept transforming as it left a nice cloud of humidness in the mouth. By the eight steep, this tea was full on broth, and brought on the new tasting note of moss which became more and more detectable.

Steeps 9 - 12

Snoozefest’s body began to settle down as the tasting notes of green grass turned into the tasting notes of hay. After a few more steeps, this tea kept mellowing out as its body became thinner and thinner. Despite that, it left a lingering grass-like tasting note on the base of the tongue. By the end of the tenth steep, this tea left a slight bitter aftertaste on the base of the tongue. However, by the twelfth steep, this tea was finished and was ready to be put away…

Conclusion -

Snoozefest is a 2017 sheng puer released by White2tea which sold out in an hour and a half of its release. Snoozefest first opened up pretty strong to the grass and vegetal-like tasting notes, and showed signs of being very fresh. It later turned thicker as its tasting notes became complex with a certain degree of depth. Towards the end of the session, this tea tapered off very quickly and showed signs that it was still humid from pressing, and needs to rest.

One thing I liked about Snoozefest is its wide-array of tasting notes, and continuously changed throughout the session. In other words, this tea kept you on your toes. Another thing I liked about this tea is how accessible it was, and wasn’t aggressive if overstepped too long. In conclusion, Snoozefest was definitely worth the $15.00 and made for an excellent yet memorable Black Friday purchase…


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