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Wake Up, It's 2017 Four AM by White2Tea

Hello hello!

For White2Tea’s 2017 productions, they released two tea cakes priced at $109.00. One of those tea cakes is 2017 Magic Mountain DNA (which I reviewed last week), and the other one is 2017 Four AM. Four AM is a beeng that's described by White2Tea to be blended from multiple areas, and is supposedly, “…elegant and heavy at the same time, with a complex character.” So are White2Tea’s claims true? Is this tea as elegant and as complex as they say it is? Also, how does it hold up compared to the other tea listed at the same price? Wake up, because this is Four AM…

Steeps 1 - 4

For this session, I used 6.6g of tea for a 100ml vessel and used water heated to a temperature of 185ºf. Anyways, the first steep of this tea brought forth the notes of hay, with a medicinal undertone. After a few more steeps, this tea left a light aftertaste of wood/bark lingering on the tip of the tongue. Along with that, this tea’s texture was already as thick as soup.

Steeps 5 - 8

Four AM’s body was still thick and medicinal, but its texture grew more thick and viscous. The aftertaste of wood/bark grew stronger and more noticeable — as this tea’s tasting notes were more aggressive than before. It also left a light bitter aftertaste on the tongue, which seemed to last for a very short period of time.

Steeps 9 - 14

By the later steeps, Four AM was full on bitter (which was not unpleasant in any way), as its soupy texture was thicker than it was before. This tea’s aggressiveness began to settle down a little, as the ensemble of tasting notes came together blissfully to create a harmonious blend on the base of the tongue. In these later steeps, a faint honey aftertaste appeared to linger in the mouth after sipping on Four AM, which came as a total surprise. By its fourteenth steep though, this tea was depleted of any flavor and the session was over…


2017 Four AM by Whtie2Tea was as complex as it was tasty. One of the first positive attributes that I noticed about this tea was that its texture quickly turned into a soup, shortly after beginning the session. Another aspect about this tea I liked was the fact that it was complex and kept changing throughout the session. This tea also had a nice energy, which made me completely tea drunk by the end of the session. However, when compared to the other tea that’s listed at the same price point (Magic Mountain DNA), I liked Four AM substantially better. Overall, I would highly recommend For AM to any puer lover who’s looking in the market for a sturdy, reliable, and a complex drink to help them get through the day. I guess you could say that White2Tea’s claims about this tea are completely true….


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