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What-Cha's Watch List - Keep These Sold Out Teas on Your Radar for 2016

Hello hello!

The other day I went to What-Cha’s site to re-order some of his teas that I’ve ran out of. I noticed that on his site he’s sold out of a lot of yummy tea. Don’t fret though, many of them are making comebacks! I often see threads posted on Reddit that ask, “What are some good what-cha recommendations?” I’ve replied to a few of them but I thought it would be a great idea to compile a small list of What-Cha’s best teas that are making comebacks in 2016!

So here we are. The following are some of the yummiest teas that what-cha carries, and although they’re sold out now they’re all making comebacks later in the year. Here’s what to look out for:

1. Kenya Steamed Purple Varietal Green Tea

I ordered this tea back in October 2015 and Alistair sold out shortly after. I nearly had a fit when I found out he was sold out, so I messaged him and he said it would be another six months before it would be re-released… Well the wait is nearing an end. According to Alistair, this tea will finally be coming back in the next 2-6 weeks. However, it’ll be slightly different. Thank God it’s coming back because I’ve been hoarding the remainder of my 25g of this tea in fear of running out.

Why is this tea so special you ask? There are many different reasons why this tea is worth an order, but mainly It’s one of the most extraordinary green teas i’ve ever had. When you first sip this tea you first notice how smooth it is. It’s got a very warming/laid back feel in the mouth that reminds me of a malt. To clarify, it’s not malty but its so warm/smooth that that’s the best way I can describe it. The taste of stone fruits faintly paint across your tongue as the aftertaste of sugar and grass dance around your cheeks. Believe me when I say that this tea is worth an order.

2. Taiwan 'Jin Xuan' Milk Oolong Tea

I’ve reviewed this tea in a previous blog post [click here to read]. To recap, this is the best milk oolong i’ve ever had. It’s incredibly creamy and taste like milk/butter that lasted me nearly a dozen steeps. One thing that stood out to me about this oolong was it’s incredible aroma that could make your tastebuds melt. Another aspect about this tea is its temperature sensitivity. Its something that you have to really focus your attention on, but it’s definitely worth the buy. Sadly thought, I only have a few sessions worth left of it. Thankfully according to Alistair, this tea should definitely be back mid to-late April.

3. Vietnam 'Red Buffalo' Oolong Tea

I’m drinking this tea with my non dominate hand, so is someone gonna call buffalo on me? Anywayyyyy. Red Buffalo is one of my favorite Vietnam Oolongs to date, primarily because of how smooth and sweet it is. Red Buffalo is the only tea I’ve binge ordered on. And when I say binge order, I mean 400g worth of binge ordering… I don’t have a problem.

This oolong starts off very light and sweet. As you continue to steep it, the smooth molasses texture of warm honey slowly glides to the back of your throat. As you get to the middle of your session with this tea you sit and wonder, “is this a dessert I'm eating?” By the time the session is done and over with, the only thing I could think of is how much of a sweet presence it had. The perfect session with this tea would be by a fireplace while snuggling up with a warm blanket. Fortunately, Alistair says this tea will return later on this week but the 2016 harvest will be released towards the end of May.

This isn't the first time this tea has been sold out of What-Cha, and if you ever get the chance to try it then it will make sense on why this is one of Alistair’s best sellers.


What-Cha currently several teas out of stock and honestly it’s easy to see why. After drinking a recap of a very small amount of tea sold on What-Cha, its easy to understand why tea drinkers alike go overboard ordering his tea. Now that 2016 is gaining momentum in the tea world, I hope you keep an eye out for these teas when they release - and hopefully see what makes them sell out as fast as they do…


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