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I Brought Cake to the Party

I’m late to the party reviewing this one, but at least I brought a pound cake. It’s not just any pound cake; today I brought White2Tea’s 2015 Poundcake!

This tea has been reviewed so many times that you can get a general idea of what this tea is about. The most notable that comes to mind is when Cwyn brewed her whole damn gourd at once. There are two reasons why I must review Poundcake - My first reason is that it’s such a popular tea that is widely praised. My second reason is that it’s my absolute favorite sheng and it so delicious that I just have to take my own spin at it.


Poundcake is a tea produced by White2Tea’s very own puer master, Paul. If you’re a diehard fan of his work then you’d know that Paul is a hip-hop head. The clearest evidence of this is the name of his tea cake ‘Too Late’ which is based off of Drake’s 2015 album. Pound Cake is actually inspired by the song ‘Pound Cake’ featured on Drakes album ‘Nothing Was the Same’.

Wrapper & Opening:

The rapper made me hungry looking at it. When I first opened this cake the first thing that I noticed was how large the compressed lose leaf was. It was awfully beautiful, especially the fact that it’s such a rich dark green color; It even radiated a note of sugar infused milk.

Steeps 1-5:

I did a quick rinse of this tea to start off with. My initial reaction first came off as light/sweet and around the 3rd steep I started to get a mouth watering feeling in my throat. You know that feeling in your mouth you get when you walk by a bakery and you can smell the aromas of baked sweet goods? That was the feeling my tastebuds were experiencing. At steep 5 I was at 30 seconds and the taste of butter was very strong and present.

Steeps 6-10:

I hit the 1 minute mark on the 7th steep. I was surprised at how long it took to get to 1 minute because I usually make it there on my 5th steep. I could of drug the tea out a lot more if I wanted to, but I was enjoying the buttery smoothness too much to care. Halfway through my session all I could think about is how close this tea resembled milk oolong with a green tea undertone, except Pound Cake was more mellow. To add, something I didn’t expect was the smell of this tea’s wet leaf; its aroma was very green and resembled a bitter sencha.

Steeps 11-14:

This tea started to fade off on the11th steep. I ended this tea at its 14th steep because I got all I could out of it. The buttery taste ended up disappearing and the green undertone got more and more prominent. I was very surprised at how many steeps this tea lasted for, which is just proof that this cake was very high in quality. I guess this tea isn't just who it became dog. Nothing was the same dog…


Since I bought this cake I’ve had 8 sessions with it and plan on having many more in the near future. I’ve always been a fan of the milky/buttery oolongs, so tasting a similar taste in a sheng was a pleasant find. I think you get more than your monies worth for this tea. For a $50 sheng you definitely get more than what you bargain for. The quality was extraordinary and the leaf was in exceptional condition, which is a sign that Paul got this from a very well kept and clean tea grower.

On a side note, I rummaged through the remains of this brew and my god the leaves were huge! After a previous session of Poundcake I found a leaf that was as long as the length of my hand. I ended up drying it out and framing it as the largest sheng leaf I’ve ever found in a puer.



Drunk Level:

I was so tea drunk that I couldn't remember last night. I live for the nights that I can’t remember with the people that I won’t forget…

[I used a lot of direct quotes from Drake’s lyrics though out this post . I don’t claim copyright or ownership and only incorporated his lyrics as a way to pay tribute to the greatest rapper of the 21st century]


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