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Fuck What You Heard... By White2Tea

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White2Tea released numerous amounts of tea this year, including a few repeats of previous years productions (such as Pound Cake and Tuhao As Fuck). However, White2Tea released wide array of new tea cakes, and one of them is ‘2017 Fuck What You Heard’. For this year, especially when trying White2Tea’s new teas, there hasn't been very many teas that I liked as much as their 2017 Pussy. White2Tea’s 2017 Pussy was mouthwatering, sweet, and all around good. You could say that its so far my favorite 2017 beeng from white2Tea this year. How will ‘Fuck What You Heard’ hold up to 2017 Pussy? Will it be just as good? Let's find out!

Steeps 1- 4

For this session, I used 6.6g of tea for a 100ml vessel and used water at a temperature of 185ºf. Anyways, to start, I first picked up on the tasting notes of sweet freshly cut grass along with a floral undertone, which left a sweet milky aftertaste. After a few more steeps, Fuck What You Heard’s body began to open up more, and became thicker and thicker.

Steeps 5 - 8

Fuck What You Heard kept opening up, as its grass-like body transformed into roasted hay. The sweet floral notes from earlier transformed into a thick nectar, which was creamier and smoother than before. After a few more steeps, a medicinal undertone made itself known underneath the nectar like tasting notes. With this ensemble of tasting notes, Fuck What You Heard heavily resembled a moonlight white tea at this point in the session.

Steeps 9 - 12

The grassy and hay notes of Fuck What You Heard transformed into an autumn leaf pile, and left a light bitter aftertaste on the sides of the tongue. This tea’s texture turned as thick as soup and was heavier than ever. Fuck What You Heard still had its floral base, but was deeper and richer than the previous steeps. Towards the end of the session, this tea began to taper off and was showing evidence of being done. After the 12th steep, this tea was finished….


Fuck What You Heard was a tea that was exceptionally delicate, and with a lower brewing temperature, more of these delicate tasting notes were able to come out. One thing I like about this tea was its complexity, which came as a surprise. Another thing I like about this tea was its strength, and had great body and energy. Hell, even at one point, it started to taste like a white tea! I would definitely recommend this tea for everyone to try, because everyone deserves the chance to try a tea that’s this rich and complex. However, this tea was still wet and still showed evidence of a recent pressing. With a bit of time, this tea will really grow in depth and become thicker and soupier.

Overall, Fuck What You Heard was just as good as 2017 Pussy, and in some ways, even better! I hope that when you try this tea you can hear its message loud and clear, and see for yourself what makes this tea so delicate and wonderful…

Rating - 10/10

Would I Beeng This Tea? - Fuck yeah

disclaimer - This tea was sent to me as a sample by White2Tea. Although this tea was sent to me, this review was not paid for, and wasn't shown any mercy when reviewing ;)


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