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Ask The Oolong Drunk - Affiliated with White2Tea?

Are you affiliated with White2Tea? - Multiple people

Unfortunately, I am not. As awesome as it would be to be paid by white2tea, and as rad as it would be to get free tea from them, I'm not affiliated with them in any way. I write so many reviews of their tea (including writing a blog post about them) because I’m a huge fan of their company. When I first started drinking tea, White2Tea was the first company that I bought from. Every time I shop with them, I’ve never been disappointed with the teas I’ve bought. I guess you could say that I’m a hardcore fan (or #1 fan) of them, and will continue to be…

*note - For transparency, I am sponsored by Farmer Leaf Tea and Teasenz though

Why do you brew your tea at such a low temperature? - Jackie

To clarify, I gong-fu puer tea at a temp of 185ºf. Usually, other bloggers and other puer drinkers drink sheng and shou at a higher temperature - usually to a near boiling temperature. For me, I review and drink teas at a lower temperature because I find the tea is a lot softer, and more delicate, when brewed at a lower temperature. I’m not saying that brewing it at a higher temperature is wrong or anything, but that’s just how I enjoy it. I recommend trying to brew gong-fu puer tea at different temperatures and finding out what you like best. When it comes to tea, there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way when it’s ‘your’ way.

Who are some other bloggers that I like to read? - Ryan

Oooh, this is a loaded question since I like to read so many other tea blogs! The first blogger that I started reading, and my own inspiration for staring a tea blog, is OolongOwl. I like reading OolongOwl because she’s really smart and has a lot of experience making tea, and I trust and highly value her opinions. Another person I like to read is Cwyn of DeathByTea. One thing I like about Cwyn is that she's wacky, hilarious, and witty. Despite that she’s a natural born comic, she also takes her passion with puer very seriously. One last person I like reading is the TwoDogBlog which is Paul’s personal blog from Whtie2Tea. Despite that I have these three favorites, there's MANY more great blogs that I like to read. Here’s a small list, with links, of the other tea blogs that are also my favorites <3...


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