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Magic Mountain DNA - White2Tea

Hello hello!

White2Tea released numerous amounts of tea for their 2017 collection, and one of those teas includes 2017 Magic Mountain DNA. Magic Mountain DNA is described by White2Tea as being a blend of several areas, with focus of the strength and aggressive feeling of the Menghai region. Along with this description, the cake has a beautiful wrapper of a rainbow colored dragon in front of a colleague of words. With this magical wrapper design, one must ask - does this tea live up to its name by being the definition of ‘magic’? Lets find out!

Steeps 1 - 4

For this session I used 6g of tea for a 90ml vessel, and used water at a temp of 185ºf. Anyways, at first, DNA first opened up with the medicinal body of sage, and right off the bat, was as thick as a cotton ball. I was initially taken aback by how thick this tea was upon its first steep, mainly because most teas need a few infusions to open up like this. Anyhow — after a few more steeps, the medicinal forefront kept opening up and by the fourth steep, this tea was a full on broth.

Steeps 5 - 8

DNA continued to open up with a medicinal base, but in the fifth steep, an undertone of hay and damp wood made itself present. Along with the new tasting notes of hay and damp wood, this tea’s body was as thick as soup, which left a very faint bitter aftertaste. Just like this teas description, it was aggressive and was already bombarding the tastebuds.

Steeps 9 - 12

On the ninth steep, this tea’s tasting notes began to even out. However, DNA’s aggressiveness refused to let up as it got progressively more bitter in the later steeps. The medicinal base took on a forest-like profile, which best resembled damp wood. It was savory, and left the tongue drooling for more. With the last steep of this tea, I was so tea drunk that I began to feel tipsy!


To start, I think that Magic Mountain DNA is a beast of a tea, and for multiple reasons. First, it's aggressive and has a sharp edge to its body. Second, it left a lasting impression in the mouth, and in turn, left me very tea drunk at the end of the session. Overall, I don’t think this tea is for everyone. Although this tea smelled incredible, its tasting notes were very aggressive, and some people might be turned off by that. However, this tea is perfect for those looking for a tea with bold energy. Magic Mountain DNA is enough to get anyone tea drunk, and that is precisely where this tea’s ‘magic’ lies…


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