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Happy Anniversary, White2Tea (Beeng)

Hello hello!

White2Tea released a tea cake titled ‘Happy Anniversary Baby’ in their 2017 line up. This tea cake is supposed to signify White2Tea’s 5th year being an online teashop. According to White2Tea, this tea will only be on sale for one year before being put into storage for the future. White2Tea also said they wouldn't make this tea half-assed, so one can only assume that it’s going to be a cake worth while. Is that assumption correct? Lets find out!

Steeps 1-4

I started off this session with 6.1g of this tea for a 91ml vessel, and used water at a temp of 185ºf. Anyhow, this tea started out with medicinal tasting notes as well as a back bone of an autumn leaf pile. After another steep, brassy notes began to make their self known as this tea’s body was smooth and fluffy on the tip of the tongue.

Steeps 5 - 8

Happy Anniversary Baby continued to open up with the medicinal body and leaf pile. As the steeps continued, a brass-like undertone kept transforming into a forest-like tasting note which heavily resembled the Jingmai region. This tea’s liquor was almost like a broth, and deep yellow in color . However, despite its broth like texture, it left a light bitter note on the sides of the tongue which gave this tea a lasting impression.

Steeps 9 - 12

Happy Anniversary Baby was strong and punchy, as its medical brassy notes kept progressing into a soft and velvet-like texture. This tea still carried a light bitter-tasting note on the sides of the tongue, but in these later a steeps, a light stevia aftertaste was left in the mouth. After the twelfth steep, this tea gave it its all and was ready to move on…


Happy Anniversary Baby is one of White2Teas new 2017 productions that has a thick soup and an excellent tasting profile to go with it. Happy Anniversary Baby strongly resembles the Jingmai region of tea, primarily because of the brassy notes that trailed along throughout the session. One thing I like most about this tea is how heavy it was, which is a surprise considering how recently it was pressed. Another aspect of this tea that I liked is that its complex and continues to change throughout the session. In conclusion, I think it’s safe to assume that this tea is definitely not ‘half-assed’ and made with exceptional quality. However, you must jump on the opportunity to try this tea soon before Whtie2Tea stores it away...

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