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Hello hello!

Starting today, I'm launching a new feature to the website called 'Ask The Oolong Drunk'. This is a new editorial that will be used to answer any of your tea related questions, and published weekly/biweekly. When starting any hobby or newfound passion, sometimes there are questions that you may have that can't be answered by just doing a google search. Sometimes, you need the advice of someone whose experienced in doing that hobby to guide you.

How To Ask

Click on the 'About/Contact' tab on the toolbar and submit your questions there. In the subject line, please state 'Ask The Oolong Drunk'. I may not acknowledge that I've received your question, but if it gets selected, it will be answered on a new blog post. As far as personal information goes, I will keep your full name and email address private, and will only publicly acknowledge you by your first name. If you don't want to be acknowledged, or want to stay anonymous, then please state it when you submit a question.

What Questions Will Be answered?

I will answer questions that ask for advice, recommendations, or any complex questions that require more than a simple answer. Sometimes I will answer multiple questions in a post, or just a single question depending on the depth of the question you're asking.

I will not accept any questions that include racial slurs, hate speech, derogatory and demeaning insults, or any rude comments. These inquiries will be ignored.

Now that the information is ready to go, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask away!

- The Oolong Drunk

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