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Review: Colorful Peony White Tea by Volition Tea

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For the first tea review of the year, we’ll be talking about Volition Tea! Volition Tea, based out of Chicago IL, launched in 2021 with their first line-up of teas. According to Volition, they sampled over 50 teas to narrow down a selection of just only 7. One of those selected few teas is their ‘Colorful Peony’ White Tea — a white tea from Fujian, China. So how does their only white tea from their first line-up hold up?

Let’s dive in!

Dimensions: 4.3g of white tea in a 65ml gaiwan

Infusions: 12

Price: 30g for $24.00 UDS

Water Temperature: 200ºf

Infusions 1- 6

Upon the first infusion, the tea’s texture glided across the tongue to leave a light honey-sweet afterglow radiating from the tongue. However, after a second and third infusion, this tea’s liqueur started to darken as the bold tasting notes of sweet vanilla overpowered the palette. However, by the 6th infusion, a sweet velvet smooth texture blanketed the mouth as the strong notes of vanilla left behind a light glow of stevia and honey.

Infusion 7 - 12

By the seventh and eighth infusion, this tea’s thick texture quickly lighted up to being more slick and thin. Despite the tea’s texture thinning, the notes of honey-sweet vanilla began to settle as this tea continued to leave an echoing sweetness. By the twelfth infusion, this tea had given all it could and began to die out altogether. With a final kill-brew, this tea left behind a memorable session that continued to echo in the corners of my mouth for hours to come…


When making this tea, I first noticed the powerful notes of vanilla. For a white tea, notes of vanilla and honey isn’t something that typically comes to mind. For me, it was a very pleasant and enjoyable surprise. Another aspect I enjoyed about this tea was its ever-changing texture. Despite not having a huge variety of notes, its texture carried this tea’s notes in a way that kept it interesting, and tasty.

Overall, I believe Volition Tea is starting strong with their first line-up of products, especially their white tea. Despite having a strong white tea to launch their initial line-up, they’ve also quickly garnered a good following on social media. To add, they’ve quickly become a force of inclusiveness and have already gone far and beyond to be socially aware in such a way that it’s hard to ignore. Volition has just started, and yet, has already been a massive breath of fresh air to our community.

I believe they’ll only continue to do great things, and hopefully, become a staple within our community...



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