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GongFu2Go by Crimson Lotus Tea

Hello hello!

Today I’m doing something a little different. Instead of reviewing a tea, I’m going to take a hard left down tea ware avenue. Usually, teaware reviews aren’t something that usually catch my attention. However, Crimson Lotus Tea notified me of releasing ‘GongFu2Go’, a new device that’s supposed to make brewing tea easier while on the go. So how did GongFu2Go turn out? Let's find out!


When opening GongFu2Go, a piece of paper came out that listed the instructions on how to brew tea using this device. I cannot stress enough that you need to follow the directions closely before brewing tea. Before writing this review, I used the device improperly and ended up burning myself. I don’t know why I did that, especially considering that the instructions were easy to read and follow.

There seemed to be two lids (with handles built-in), two glass bases that are double-walled, and a connection piece that twists to the right to open, or left to close. This middle piece also has a build-in strainer that seemed to hold back the tea. After rinsing everything off with soapy water, and drying it, it was off to the races!


I measured out 7g of oolong for the top part and screwed everything back together. I then proceeded to unscrew the bottom part, poured water to the first rung of the teeth of the screw, and twisted it all back together. When I turned it upside-down at an angle, the water poured over the tea swiftly. After waiting a bit of time, I poured it back over and tea was done. I unscrewed the bottom part back off and was drinking tea. This went on for about eight sessions.


GongFu2Go was sent to me by Crimson Lotus Tea to test their new invention out. Upon the first time using it, I was surprised at how much thought went into a seemingly-simple device went. One of those things was the fact that the glass-compartments we’re double-walled, so when handing this device, my hands never risked being burned. Another great aspect of this device was how simple it was to clean off everything. On another note, I did try ice-brewing tea (ice-cubes on tea leaves, and let it melt over the course of the day into the bottom compartment) and it seems to do well, as well.

Overall, this is a pretty nifty device from Crimson Lotus Tea. It worked well with regular gong-fu along with ice-brewed tea. When I ventured out for tea time, all I had to carry was this device and a thermos for hot water. Now that gong-fu doesn’t require a lot to pack when on the go, this will motivate me to have tea time in more pretty places, especially nature….

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