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2017 Fushoushan High Mountain Winter Oolong

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For Christmas this past year I splurged and purchased a wide-variety of winter Taiwanese oolongs from Taiwan Tea Crafts. Out of all of the high mountain oolongs that they had, I wanted to be ‘wowed’. In doing so, I just happened to add one of their most expensive winter teas to my cart… for science. This tea is the 2017 Fushoushan High Mountain Winter Oolong, Lot 651. This oolong is described as being rich and exuberantly floral. So how does this oolong hold up to other high mountain oolongs sold at a lower price? Was the $17.00 price tag worth it? Lets find out!

Water Temperature - 185ºf

Dimensions - 5g of tea for a 100ml glass tea pot

Price - $17.00 USD for 25g

Number of Steeps - 12

Steeps 1 - 6

I started this session with a thirty-second infusion. Upon taking the first sip of this tea, the tasting note of sugarcane hit the tip of my tongue, as a fragrant floral body made its way past my throat. After a few more infusions, the brilliant floral notes of gardenia took over every aspect of this tea’s palate, as it left a faint jasmine and sugar snap pea aftertaste. Along with the extraordinary floral tasting notes, this tea was also as smooth as butter, and resembled dairy cream. By the sixth infusion, this tea was as rich as could be.

Steeps 7 - 12

Around the seventh infusion, the tasting notes of sugarcane took a back seat as the new tasting note of freshly harvested green spinach made its way forward. After each infusion, this tea became more and more vegetal while retaining a ever-so-less dominating floral body. As the steeps went on, the cream and butter-like texture dwindled. By the last infusion, the taste of sugar snap peas, along with spinach and gardenia, echoed in the cascade of my mouth. It wasn’t as thick as the middle steeps, but it was still pleasant to the tongue.


Fushoushan High Mountain Oolong is a 2017 winter oolong sold by Taiwan Tea Crafts. This oolong is was described by Taiwan Tea Crafts to be rich and exuberantly floral. In the session I had with this tea, I can certainly confirm this tea was incredibly floral — brilliantly so I might add. One of my favorite aspects of this tea is how pungent and luscious the liquor was. Another aspect I liked about this tea is how rich and flavorful it was. Compared to other teas grown at a high elevation, this one certainly seemed to hold a better presentation compared to other high mountain oolongs.

Overall, this oolong was definitely with the $17.00. I may not be drinking this tea on a regular basis, as I want to try and savor it. This oolong is a great oolong for those who like greener teas, especially favorable to oolong lovers. I just hope that you get the chance to try this tea for yourself sometime in the near future…


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