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2017 Flap Jacks Shou Puer by White2Tea

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White2Tea recently released their new fall productions, which includes a large number of shou puer. One of these shou puers is a mini beeng called ‘Flap Jacks’ shou puer. Flap Jacks is a tea that’s only sold by the tong, which is only $4.50 each. Each tong includes 7 of these mini beengs, and is covered in art which depicts a pancake. White2Tea has tirelessly and repeatedly promoted this tea on their social media, so one must ask, are these Flap Jacks worth the social media attention that White2Tea has given it? Lets find out!

Water Temperature - Boil

Dimensions - 4.5g of tea for a 65ml vessel

Tong Price - $4.50

Number of Steeps - 14

Steeps 1 - 4

Flap Jacks opened up to a buttery smooth texture of faint earthy tasting notes. After a few more steeps, Flap Jacks started to open up more to a sweet and cooling aftertaste that echoed in the mouth after the tea was gone. Towards the fourth steep, Flap Jacks texture was getting smoother and smoother, and was beginning to pick up strength.

Steeps 5 - 8

Flap Jacks opened up and unleashed one hell of a beast. On the fifth infusion, this tea became syrupy thick, which brought on the tasting notes of earth and dirt. The tasting notes were so strong that it silenced any remaining sweetness. However, by the seventh and eight infusion, I could feel this tea in my gut and in my head. I was starting to get a nice buzz as their tea continued to get thicker and earthier.

Steeps 9 - 14

Around the ninth infusion, this tea started to mellow out from its strong punch from earlier. Flap Jack’s earth and dirt tasting notes became mellow, as the teas sweetness was starting to make a comeback. After a few more steeps, this tea mellowed out to a clean and clear soup, which kept fading out. By the fourteenth steep, Flap Jacks was finished and it was time to move on.


Flap Jacks Shou Puer is a new tea released by White2Tea. Flap Jacks is only sold by the tong, which consists of 7 mini-beengs and is a tea that was intended to be made at home or on the go. One thing I liked about this tea is how accessible it is. It’s at a reasonable price point and was very easy to drink. Besides that, it was also very forgiving if over steeped. Despite this teas thickness, it showed signs of humidness towards the beginning and end of the session, and could benefit from resting.

Overall, Flap Jacks is a tea that I recommend to people who are new to shou, because this one is really easy to enjoy. This tea also makes for an easy brew. Besides, I like being able to say that I can own a tong without spending a whole lot of money.


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