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Earlier this month, I released a ‘Best of 2017 Nominations' list! On this list, I nominated tea shops for their hard work in 2017. These companies are recognized for their community efforts, their ability to make a delicious and accessible product, and having an all around great shop! These people pushed the limits on what it means to run a tea company, and for that, they were nominated for 'Company of the Year'. Here are the nominees…

  • White2Tea

  • Bitter Leaf Teas

  • Mandala Tea

  • Crimson Lotus Tea

  • Pu-Erh.Sk

  • Taiwan Tea Crafts

  • Yunnan Souring

There is one small issue however. I can't decide who to give the award to! So I created a survey and YOU will be voting for Company of the Year. Below is the link to the survey…

[Voting is Now Closed]

Thank you for those who voted! You can click HERE for the full list on nominations, and winners will be announced December 28th, 2017! Good luck!

-Blissfully Tea Drunk ​


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