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2017 Yunnan Sourcing "Mengku Huang Shan" Wild Arbor Raw Puer

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Before I start, I waned to give a huge thank you for my readers/followers for the outpouring support I’ve been receiving. This community is an excellent one, and I thank you for all of the love. In case you missed it, here’s what Im referring to. Anyways, this week I opened a brand new beeng of 2017 Yunnan Sourcing ‘Mengku Huang Shan’ Wild Arbor Raw Puer. This puer was sent to me by Yunnan Sourcing, and this is one that Yunnan Sourcing has made since last year. So is this tea as good as it looks? Lets find out!

Water Temperature - 185ºf

Dimensions - I used 4.5g of tea for my 65ml gaiwan

Beeng Price - $41.00 USD for 400g

Steeps 1 - 4

First, Mengku Huang Shan gave off a faint wheat-like body, and left a medicinal aftertaste of barley and hay. After a few more steeps, this tea kept opening up to a medicinal forefront, which left a wheat/hay like aftertaste in the back of the throat. By the end of the fourth steep, this tea was getting stronger and thicker.

Steeps 5 - 8

Mengku Huang Shan’s body kept expanding as the medicinal tasting note took over. The wheat and hay-like tasting notes kept getting swallowed by the medicinal tasting notes, and after a few more steeps, continued to transform into a light mushroom note.

Steeps 9 - 12

Mengku Huang Shan’s body drastically transformed, as the moss-like undertones from earlier began to take over every aspect of this teas palate. The wheat/hay undertones weren't as noticeable as before, and the medicinal tasting note took a back seat to the wood and mushroom like notes that continued get stronger and thicker. This tea’s body was a little bit astringent, and kept getting thicker and fuller. However, by the twelfth steep, this tea began to show signs of mellowing out, and I was already sweating from this tea energy. I decided to end it here…


2017 Mengku Huang Shan Wild Arbor Raw Puer first started out light, which gave off wheat and hay like tasting notes. As the session progressed, a medicinal undertone became thicker as notes of wood and moss made their self known. One thing I liked about this tea was how the tasting notes continued to change throughout the session. Another thing I liked about this tea was it’s energy — which made me break out in a sweat. However, this tea sits at $41.00 for a 400g beeng, which means that this tea is a little over $.09 a gram.

2017 Mengku Huang Shan Wild Arbor Raw Puer is a great example that sometimes, cheaper priced teas can taste good and have excellent energy. I think that if you’re a fan of earthy and grassy tasting sheng puer, I would definitely recommend trying this tea from Yunnan Sourcing…


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