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7 Best Online Puer Shops of 2017

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Puer tea is gaining popularity throughout the western side of society, and is beloved by many people. Puer tea is intimate, as much as it is personal, because your experience with puer can’t be replicated with someone else's. Puer is very personable, so naturally, you want to be careful where (or who) you buy from. I’ve had a great deal of experience shopping for puer, and for me, there has been more positive experiences than negative. So when looking for guidance, who should you be shopping with when you decide to buy your next tea cake? Well below is my list of the best 7 online puer sellers who meet the requirements of selling a quality product, by being customer friendly, and by being affordable above all else. In random order, here they are.

Crimson Lotus Tea

Site: https://crimsonlotustea.com

Crimson Lotus Tea is a Seattle based company that specializes in tea ware and puer teas. Crimson Lotus Tea sources their sheng and shou puer from various places, and has a reputation for clean and clear tasting puers. One of their specialties is their shou puer, which helped them gain popularity over the past few years. So rather if you’re looking for a jingmai region sheng puer, or a tasty ripe puer, Crimson Lotus Tea is the place to go!

Bitter Leaf Teas

Site: http://www.bitterleafteas.com

Bitter Leaf Teas has only been around for two years, and they’ve already made a name for their self, especially for their sourced sheng puer and their pottery selections. They're primarily known for their sheng puer, which made its debut in late 2015, and has progressively been getting better and better since. Their sheng selection covers all price ranges, along with other teas that help fill your tea needs. Besides tea, they’ve captivated an audience with their pottery, which has customers coming back for more. So when you visit Biter Leaf Teas online shop, be aware of their addicting pottery that happens to make it into many people’s shopping cart.

Yunnan Sourcing

Site: https://yunnansourcing.com

Yunnan Sourcing started out as an e-bay seller, and since then, they’ve been the home-base for nearly every puer drinker that has access to a computer. In fact, many puer drinkers started their tea journey with Yunnan Sourcing because of their wide variety of both sheng and shou puer. They press their own teas, and also sell teas from other famous tea factories from Yunnan, China. Besides being known for puer, they're gaining popularity for their lose-leaf tea varieties, as they carry a wide variety of tea that can’t be found else-wear. So next time you shop with Yunnan Sourcing, be sure to fill up your cart with samples, because there’s a lot of puer in their shop waiting to be tried.


Site: https://white2tea.com

White2Tea is a five year old online puer shop that specializes in house-pressed sheng puer. White2Tea started pressing their own shou puer a over a year ago, and is best at blending teas together from different regions to create unique teas that can’t be grown single origin. These tea blends are highly renown, and even receives a lot of praise for the way their teas are blended. White2Tea is also best known for the way they customize their puer wrappers, which is heavily influenced by western pop culture. Overall, White2Tea has a wide range of shou and sheng puer that is bound to make anybody happy while drinking.


Site: http://pu-erh.sk

Pu-Erh.Sk is a puer company from Slovakia that sources their puer tea yearly from Yunnan, China. Pu-Erh.Sk carries a wide variety of high quality gu-shu (old tree) sheng puer from various mountain ranges. One of their famed teas, NaKa, helped put them on the map in the tea community. Besides NaKa, they sell other teas which are known for their tea-drunken abilities along with their explosive flavor profiles. While selling in-house puer, they also sell aged factory cakes of sheng and shou as well! Besides puer, Pu-Erh.Sk sells a wide-variety of pottery that ranges from all sorts of tea ware. So next time you visit Pu-Erh.Sk, be sure to find out why NaKa is all the rave, and why it helped put them on the map…

The Essence of Tea

Site: https://www.essenceoftea.com

The Essence of Tea is an online puer company that specializes in sheng puer — wild sheng puer to be specific. They sell wild puer teas that sell out quickly, and if you’ve ever had their in-house puer, you’d find out why. Their teas have captivated an audience because of their flavor, their complexities, and of course, their price. Besides selling puer, The Essence of Tea sells lose leaf tea as well, along with a wide variety of yixing clay tea pots. So next time you visit their site, grab a few samples of their tea before they sell out, because you may not get another chance to see what makes them so great.

The Tea Urchin

Site: http://teaurchin.com

The Tea Urchin is a mom and pop online puer shop ran by Eugene and Belle — who have been running the site since 2011. Their specialty lies in sheng puer, along with a small selection of oolongs and shou puer. Eugene and Bell are highly regarded in the tea community for their quality, quantity, and their affordable prices. A lot of other bloggers in the community cover The Tea Urchin’s teas on a regular basis. So whats their secret? Well for one, they sell a quality product that has a lot of flavor. To add, they make their wrapper designs with a modern twist on traditional Chinese tea culture. So next time you’re browsing their shop, make sure to try some of their sheng and oolongs, and see just what’s so great about them!


In conclusion, there are many great online puer sellers out there, specifically including the ones in this list. There’s a large world of tea out there and sometimes, it’s hard to decide where to spend your money at. In your tea journey, specifically with puer, you’ll run into a lot of dishonest, greedy, and flashy tea sellers that will try to make a quick buck off of you. Hopefully with this list you’ll find that these shops are as honest, fair, and as passionate as they come in the tea community. Hopefully you’ll also come to the same conclusion that I have, and see why these shops are so great…


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