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Jingmai Ancient - Farmerleaf

Hello hello!

As some of you may know, Farmerleaf Teas has been around for a few years now. However, they recently started selling their own teas in a company-run site for just over a year now. Farmerleaf also has an ad on my site, so naturally, I was a little hesitant to review any of their teas. Despite having an ad on my site, it would be a great idea to start reviewing them (as non-paid content) because honestly, they shouldn't escape my criticisms as much as the next company. If anything, they’re going to have a harder time passing my standards because they do have an ad on the site. With a critical eye, and with all of my judgements reserved for tea, this is Farmerleaf Tea’s Autumn 2016 Jingmai Ancient sheng puer

Steeps 1 - 4

I started this session with 6.6g of tea for a 100ml vessel, and used water at a temp of 185ºf. Anyhow - the tasting notes started with the refreshing medicinal base body of roasted hay, which left the afterthought of a leaf pile resting on the tongue. After this tea began to open up, its body began to thicken as it was getting heavier and heavier. Even this early on, this tea’s body was already proving to be thick, yet refreshing at the same time

Steeps 5 - 8

The bodying tasting note of a leaf pile grew thicker as the base of this tea began to resemble a thick broth. There was still a medicinal undertone, but with the growing strength of this tea, there was also an ever so slight bitter that followed. As the steeps went on, the warming broth kept getting more refined which helped create a blissful medley.

Steeps 9 - 12

In these later steeps, this tea’s body became smoother and resembled a velvet blanket being dragged across the tongue. The light bitterness disappeared altogether as the leaf pile transformed into a more earthy tasting note, which resembled a damp forest with a coating of sweet moss. This tea’s liquor was clear, crisp, and heavy — which lasted up to the last infusion. After fourteen steeps, and after being lightheaded from this tea’s powerful energy, it was time to end the session here…


In conclusion, Autumn 2016 Jingmai Ancient was a pleasant experience that kept changing throughout the course of the session. One of this tea’s greater attributes is the fact that it was complex and full of tasting notes. Despite this teas heavy body, it was still very refreshing to the tongue and at times, made the mouth water for more. Overall, despite being under heavy scrutiny of my judgements (and disregarding that Farmerleaf has an ad on my site), this tea was an excellent experience that I would definitely recommend. So while this isn’t a paid review and my opinions haven't been influenced, I can reassure you that this is one tea that was enjoyable throughout….

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