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Nominations - Best of 2016

Hello hello!

2016 is coming to an end and thankfully so. John Oliver expressed my sentiments with perfection: “Fuck 2016!” There were so many things that happened over the course of this year that absolutely bombed, even worse than the Samsung Note 7 (pun intended). Lets also not forget about how the internet went apeshit over the Cincinnati Zoo (again, pun intended), or how the Democratic National Convention lubed up Bernie Sanders real good for a galactic butt-fucking. I mean, how could we not forget how Donald Trump - well, I’m going to leave that one open ended. I’m still holding out that all of this was a dream that we’re anxiously waiting to be jolted from. Can we sacrifice him to get Maurice White, Alan Rickman, or even David Bowie back? No? Damn.

Despite the vast sea of negativity that 2016 brought us, there was just as much positivity to counteract the darkness. The world of tea had an incredible year, and with this being my first year in tea I'm glad I started now more so than any other year. In fact, I’ve really polished myself up in tea-dusted fingertips with my muffin-top flopping out of my unbuttoned blue jeans as I gorge myself on puer thats too good for me. With that mental image in your head, lets move forward into what made this year so great. The following are some of the exceptional entities that shined the light on 2016, and made that $200.00 beeng a justifiable purchase. Here are the nominations on 'The Oolong Drunk Awards' for the best of 2016….

Excellence in Tea Education -

The following are nominated for their incredible work with spreading knowledge about tea, along with discussing issues that created and sparked conversation.

  • T-Ching Blog @ tching.com

  • TeaDB @ TeaDB.org

  • World of Tea @ worldoftea.org

Best Tea Blog -

The following are recognized for their excellence in reviews, fun articles, or other tea related literature that is entertaining to read - fact or fiction.

  • Cwyn - Death by Tea

  • anon - A Tea Addict’s Journal

  • Pau Murray - Two Dog Tea Blog

  • Char - The Oolong Owl

  • Amanda Wilson - Rambling Butterfly Thoughts

  • Hobbes - The Half Dipper

  • Georgia - Notes on Tea

Excellence in Innovation -

The following are nominated for their creativeness in bringing new light to the world of tea. These people push boundaries for their work in tea related content, and are recognized for taking steps that no other tea company have taken before.

  • Liquid Proust Teas - Recognized for their rum-barrel aged puer ‘Rummy Pu’

  • White2Tea - Recognized for their White-Black tea cake blend ‘Hot Brandy’

  • Bitter Leaf Teas - Recognized for their photography & customizable pottery

Best Tea Subscription -

The following are nominated for their wide range of variety, education, and value of tea given in monthly increments.

  • White2Tea

  • Eco Cha

  • Tea Box Express

  • Dachi Tea Co.

Best Oolong -

The following are nominated for their excellence in oolong.

  • Yunnan Sourcing recognized for Spring 2016 Chou Shi Dan Cong

  • Yunnan Sourcing recognized for Autumn 2016 Competition Grade Tie Guan Yin of Gande Village

  • Tea Urchin recognized for 2016 Snow Qing Xin

  • Taiwan Sourcing recognized for Spring 2016 Competition King of Jin Xuan Jade Oolong

Best Shou Puer -

The Following are nominated for their excellence in shou puer, and showcased the best in quality, quantity, body, and tasting profile.

  • Whispering Pines Tea Company recognized for 2015 Lord of the Lakes

  • White2Tea recognized for 2015 Pretty Girls

  • Crimson Lotus Tea recognized for 2000 Old Warrior

  • Yunnan Sourcing recognized for 2016 Yunnan Souring Green Mark

Best Sheng Puer -

The following are nominated for their excellence in sheng puer, and showcased the best in quality, body, energy, accessibility, value, and tasting profile.

  • White2Tea - 2016 Tea Don’t Lie

  • White2Tea - 2016 Heart of the City

  • Crimson Lotus Tea - 2016 Beneath an Emerald Sea

  • Bitter Leaf Teas - WMD 2016 Spring Mansa

  • Pu-Erh.Sk - 2016 Naka

  • Crimson Lotus Tea - Slumbering Dragon

Best Puer Production 2016 -

The following are nominated for their excellence in releasing multiple spring teas in a single setting. The following companies not only released a single incredible tea, but rather, released an ensemble of exceptional and extraordinary teas for their 2016 productions.

  • Crimson Lotus Teas

  • Bitter Leaf Teas

  • White2Tea

  • The Essence of Tea

  • Yunnan Sourcing

  • Pu-Erh.Sk

Tea Company of the Year -

The following are nominated for their excellent work in 2016. All of these tea companies worked tirelessly to bring you the best teas possible, and without their innovation, the tea community wouldn't be where it is today. These companies are shaping the future of tea as we know it. Congratulations to these companies nominated for their best year yet.

  • What-Cha

  • Pu-Erh.Sk

  • Yunnan Sourcing

  • White2Tea

  • Crimson Lotus Tea

  • Taiwan Sourcing


Other awards will be given out this year, four of which have no nominations, as there is still deliberation on who should be nominated for those said categories — winning will be open to anyone. Here are the following categories that will receive winners for the best of 2016…

  • Best Pottery

  • Best Tea-Related Instagram Feed

  • The 2016 National Community Award

  • The 2016 International Community Award

Winners will be announced December 28th, 2016. Congratulations to those that are nominated, as you are all winners for making 2016 such a great year for tea. Tune in to see if you or your favorite selections will win!

“Blissfully Tea Drunk”



The following are nominated for their work in 2016. I’m not represented or promoted by any entity, as this is a non-profit award. This was done in part to shed light on the exceptional work done by said entities, and the winners are selected unbiasedly. Any attempt to bribe/persuade yourself to win will automatically disqualify you from running.


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