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Blue Matcha -- A Review of David's Tea Flavoured Matcha Teas

Hello hello!

Ever since trying white-tea matcha, I’ve been more than curious to venture out and try more matcha teas on the unordinary matcha spectrum. In doing so, I stumbled across the color palate of tea and was sent Blue Matcha by David’s Tea because the opposite of white is obviously blue).

Along with Blue Matcha, they also sent me a palate of 8 other flavored matcha teas as well as a bag of their coconut matcha!

Now that blue matcha is sold out, should David's Tea bring it back? Which of the flavored matcha teas were the best?

Let's dive in!

Flavored Matcha

For the flavored matcha teas, there were 8 flavors that came in miniature tins that came as their Matcha Love tea sampler. For the flavors, they come as raspberry, earl grey, maple, vanilla, peach, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and cherry blossom.

My favorites:

Out of the flavored matcha teas David’s Tea sent me, I have to say that the Earl Grey matcha was my favorite to make hot, as well as the maple and vanilla matcha. As for the fruity flavored matcha teas, I enjoyed them better when made iced.

As far as the Earl Grey matcha goes, this was my favorite to make. The notes of sweet and bergamot blended beautifully with the creamy grassy notes that come naturally to matcha. Because of the earthy and fruity way that bergamot naturally presents itself, along with the creamy grassy notes of matcha, it almost created a fruity pebble milk-like flavor note. When hot, this truly hits the spot.

Coconut Matcha:

With the coconut matcha, I loved this tea best iced. Since I try to make myself look busier than I am, I’ve been taking a measuring spoon and dumping a hefty whomp of this into my protein-powder shaker bottle, and angrily shake it like it's one of those shake-weight exercising machines. I usually know when to stop because it's when my violent-shaking-of-the-matcha catches the attention of my cats. When they look overly concerned, that's when I know it's ready.

The coconut matcha was very surprising, mainly because of how naturally sweet it was. I usually associate coconut with stress (b/c lets be real, they’re more hard-headed than I am when it comes to opening up). However, the coconut’s flavor profile was so creamy and smooth that it made the matcha powder’s notes even more soft and fluffy. The creaminess, and the sweetness, is enough to make this one of the best flavored iced-tea drinks I’ve had in quite a while.

Blue Matcha:

As someone who sometimes has a short attention span, I must say that anything oddly colored and edible will almost instantly catch my attention. That’s why the Blue Matcha is something that I needed to try.

Upon opening the package of Blue Matcha, the aroma of a Jolly Rancher radiated from the bag. The powder was blue/grey, and looked intriguing.

When tasting the blue matcha, the natural sweet raspberry notes brushed across the tongue while leaving behind a nice grassy-earthiness. While hot, it was smooth and fluffy to the tongue. While making it iced, the teas natural sweetness became even more noticeable up front. And while making it iced with edible glitter, the tea and I both became fabulous. Kourtney Kardashian could never, I now got a sparkly blue iced drink with my big sun-shades, livin' my baddie insta-life......

Look out regatta moms, we're here to show you how its done.


Overall, I really enjoyed this experience. With their flavored matcha teas, and underneath all of the flavors, you could still taste the matcha tea itself. Usually when companies make flavored teas, they use a lower-quality base and cover up the quality by over-flavoring their teas. As far as David's Tea goes, despite being flavored, they used a higher-quality base material that made these teas more well-rounded and more enjoyable. In the end, I ended up loving them.

David's Tea should certainly bring Blue Matcha back!

While I'm usually more skeptical of larger tea companies, I would say David's Tea is an amazing example that proves that a large company doesn't equate to loss of quality. Many tea drinkers have been burnt out by being served low-quality tea by larger entities, so having someone like David's Tea in the world of tea is absolutely refreshing. I can't wait to see what they come up with next...


~The Oolong Drunk

"Blissfully Tea Drunk"


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