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5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Hello hello!

In today’s blog post, I go over five different facts about myself that you probably didn’t know! Last year, the tea blogging community had a trend where they posted five interesting facts about themselves, and now that it’s a year later, I thought I’d jump in on the trend and give it a go! In my grandmom’s opinion, I’m a pretty cool guy, so hopefully you’ll think so too.

1. I work at a Tea Shop

I live in the heart of the South and I work in a tea shop! In fact, it’s one of the only tea shops located in the metroplex. Without specifically saying where I work (for privacy reasons), I can tell you that my shop sells lose leaf tea, iced tea, hot tea, and boba tea! Before this, I briefly worked at Teavana for two months. One thing I liked about working at Teavana was the lack of restriction we were given on how much tea we could drink in a single setting. I took advantage of that, and often drank four to five drinks per shift. However, at my current job, I we’re only allowed one free drink per shift… It’s safe to say that I make the largest size.

2. I collect vinyl

Besides tea, my second passion is music. I try to listen to as much music as I possibly can in any given day. Since I love music, I even own a turn table and often buy vinyl records. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll often see (in my stories) some of the photos of vinyls that I buy. I own a lot of alternative music vinyls, and mainly listen to alternative rock, alternative pop, and some electronic music. Currently, Arcade Fire, Foster the People, St. Vincent, M83, and Lorde are my favorites, and often find their way to my record player….

3. You’ve probably seen me on TV

Back in my blunder years, I made a cringe-inducing video of myself making a prom proposal to Kristen Stewart… Besides the cringe-inducing video, and the sad reality that I used to be a major fan of Kristen Stewart, Daniel Tosh’s team picked up on the video and included it in a segment of Tosh.0. I walked into school one day and had multiple people tell me that they saw me on TV. After scratching my head all day and wondering what they meant, I finally asked my principal what everyone meant by it. Safe to say, a piece of me died when I turned on Comedy Central and saw myself on Tosh.0…

4. I’m Gayly Homosexual

I came out one week after I graduated high school. It wasn’t a huge revelation, really. I just woke up one morning and it ‘clicked’. I was never attracted to the opposite sex, and often wondered why my hormones weren’t working right. Then, after watching Miley Cyrus perform at the VMA’s, half-naked and bald, I knew right then and there there that heterosexuality would never be my thing. Okay, in all seriousness, It was something that I struggled with for a long time, but once I made that realization, I decided that I needed to be living truthfully and honestly. So about five minutes after I realized who I really was, and without hesitation, I came out.

5. God is a woman and her name is Elizabeth Grant (AKA Lana Del Rey)

These Beyonce fangirls need to move out of the way with their chants of, “Queen B”. You need to pull yourself together and face the facts because the real queen is Elizabeth Grant — a literal angel that was sent to us from the heavens to bless our ears with musical euphoria. My soul was blessed with the musical stylings of Lana Del Rey back when I was in the closet, and maybe its her fault that I didn’t come out sooner because, seriously though, have you seen how beautiful she is?!

Lana Del Bae enchanted the world with her third-studio album ‘Ultraviolence’, and sings a hard and painful truth which so many people have faced in their life. She sings about a love that hurts and a love that isn’t fair. I think I relate to it so well because when I was younger, my father became ill and turned into a verbally abusive person. When he died, he was no longer the same person that I used to call ‘father’. He was as stranger that I didn’t know anymore. In the end, when he died, I drove eight hours to the beach and spread his ashes while listening to ‘Ultraviolence’ on repeat. On that day, and in that moment, I finally felt like someone understood what it felt like to miss the toxicity of the person you still loved so much.

Besides connecting to the woman on a personal and emotional level, I look up to her because she is FABULOUS. Seriously, look up the definition of ‘classy’ and you’ll see a photo of her. It’s not just her music that I’m a fan of; I’m also a fan of her esthetic. It’s the tragic and old Hollywood themes that she presents in her older music that made me adore her. Throughout the years, she’s continued to mature to an even more fabulous, and a happier version of herself. Her latest album, ‘Lust for Life’, is what every pop album should strive to be. Okay sis, lets go over the facts. Lana is bae, Lana is queen, and lastly, God is a woman and her name is Elizabeth Grant…


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