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Japanese Oolong Exploration Continues with Organic Fruity Goodness!

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This week was dedicated to taking care of a sinus infection, seeing family, and of course drinking tea. Speaking of tea, this week was the perfect week to continue the furthering adventure of my Japanese Oolong exploration! Earlier this year, in a previous review I discussed how Japanese oolongs should gain more popularity. With efforts in doing so, I got my hands on some Organic Koshun Japanese Oolong from The Tea Crane. Upon opening this bag of oolong, which comes form the Shimada reign of Japan, I was hit with the perfume of freshly baked fruits with an undertone of steamy cream corn. So with all of that in mind, is this oolong a must-see landmark in the exploration of Japanese Oolongs? Lets find out!

Steeps 1 - 6

4g of tea was used in a 60ml vessel, and was brewed with water at a temp of 185ºf. Anyways, the first steep of this tea brought fourth the base body of fresh steamed spinach, along with a strong and biting undertone. After a few more infusions, the luscious undertone of sweet strawberry flattered its way past the taste buds. As this tea kept opening up, the fruity undertones grew progressively sweeter, and this teas strength was so powerful that it easily came off bitter. Around the sixth steep, the fruity undertone became more prominent with the base of spinach, as a new undertone of sweet corn made its way to the sides of the cheeks.

Steeps 7 - 12

Around the seventh steep, this oolong’s harshness began to settle down as its profile began to refine into a more organized ensemble. The forefront of spinach and fruit settled down as the underlying base of corn projected itself more and more. With the taste of corn, this tea’s texture quickly became creamier and smoother, and with the notes of corn, it best resembled a southern style creme corn dish. The body was still thick with a cleanness that failed to disappoint, and the ensemble of tasting notes spelled ‘beatitude’ across the tip of the tongue. To further add, this teas energy was as invigorating as it was attention grabbing, which left the body feeling awake and energized.


Organic Koshin Japanese Oolong is an oolong that started out loud, boisterous, and bitter around the edges. To my surprise, this tea’s idea of direction took place half way through the session, and took a fantastic journey until the end. One positive attribute about this tea is that its flavor profile was complex in many ways, and left the tongue wanting more. However, because of this tea’s strength, the earlier steeps could easily become bitter if brewed too long. Despite that, the tea rounded off in a blissful base body that easily pointed to a clear defining Japanese teas. Overall, this is one oolong that’s making the Japanese oolong exploration an insightful journey, and is one that would make it on my roadmap of Japanese Oolongs…


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