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Old Tree Yiwu from Pu-Erh.Sk

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December is here, which means 2017 is nearing close. In my last post, I released my nominations for the best of 2016, which is something I elected to do myself to help give attention to the wonderful people that truly deserve it. I also thought about doing the ‘The Worst of 2016’ to contradict it. However, only one company would make the list for each and every category. Pro tip - Don’t post a photo of a cup of black tea on a guitar and caption it with, “R&B: Rhythm and Blacks.”

Politics will never have a place in tea, nor will its heath benefits. Tea is a very special thing for a lot of people, and also very meditative for those who take it seriously. In truth, It’s a safe space from the outside world; a safe space with no borders. Weather if you're Asian, Caucasian, African, Spanish, or even a Native person, you can share a cup of tea with anyone because racism doesn't exist in tea. Speaking of safe spaces, I took a sip of Gu-Shu Yiwu from Pu-Erh.Sk in my safe space, and here’s what to expect when you introduce it into yours.

Steeps 1 - 5

Upon opening, I noticed a sweet scent of hay. That smell alone was enough to place me in a mellow mood. To start, I used 6.6g of tea in a 100ml vessel. After taking in the beautiful aroma from this dry leaf, I gave it a quick rinse and proceeded with my session. The first thing I noticed was a light oily texture along with a hint of spicy sage, following a sweet and spicy taste (such as cinnamon, fig, rum, etc.) that overwhelmed the surface area of my taste buds—which gladly left a lingering aftertaste of a deep green tea. To further explain, this sheng was already showing a great balance.

Steeps 6 - 11

When this tea hit its sixth infusion, it became viciously viscous and sweet. The fig/rum infused sweetness took over every aspect of this teas’ body, and broke my tastebud levee. As I trekked into the tenth and eleventh steeps though, more and more oiliness arose— followed softly by a tart taste which left an impression on the sides of my tongue.

Steeps 12 - 15

Gu-Shu Yiwu heavily declined at the twelfth steep when its body started to shrink thinner and thinner. The warm notes that were detectable transformed into a leafy note, which reminded me of a autumn leaf pile. This tea held its sweetness gracefully as it disappeared altogether. By the fifteenth infusion, it was time to depart from this session and leave things off on a good note.

Conclusion -

Overall, Gu-Shu Yiwu was a great experience and I’m glad I had the opportunity to have a session with it. Not only is it easy to drink, it has a great lubricating feel that leaves you wanting more. While there’s a lot of Yiwu out in the market, this one sets itself apart because of its dense and flavorful body. However, this will be the last Pu-Erk.Sk review for a short period of time. While I’ve had a great time exploring this companies great offerings, they’re all too humid and still need more time to rest from pressing. In the mean time, if you decide to try some of these offerings, I hope that you find these teas as exceptional as I’ve described them because they truly are a great experience…

Rating: 9.6

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